If you are considering visiting Uluru, at the center of the Australian continent, you must consider how many days for Uluru. The first consideration is how to go there. I don’t recommend using a car to go there. From Adelaide or Darwin it is a journey of at least 1600 km in middle of nowhere. It means driving long hours without much to look at. Usually I prefer to save time rather than save money. I’m not a rich person, but is much easier to make money then to go on holidays. In my case I went by air. I flew from Sydney to Alice Springs and from there I started my tour by car.

In Alice Springs I got into The Rock Tour. One of many companies that provides this sort of excursion. I was really happy with my crazy, dj, friend and much fun guide Ash. The objective of the trip was an experience closer to nature. We walked a lot near Uluru, Kata Tjuta and other secrets places. In some of these places isn’t allowed to take pictures. It is impossible to compare the experience of sleeping under the stars looking the milky way. Some of the people will think this is crazy, and to be fair it is. But this is the spirit of the experience. Like the slogan I saw there “Sounds of Silence”.  In any moment I felt unsafe. It is safe, but at same time I was sleeping in the middle of the bush.

But how many days for Uluru? The 3 days tour I think was long enough. I think if it was less than 3 I would feel as if I had missed a few things. But in 3 days I think I covered the most important areas, I learned substantial information about the Aborigines and at the end I was feeling that was enough. Of course I don’t know how the long trip is, but this was the most isolated place I have ever been in my life. I have been traveling around the world but never to a place like that. To me, more days will make the trip much slower than necessary, I don’t think that there is much more to see. 3 days is perfect. Not too rushed and not too slow.

When this trip finished I spent my last day at the huge Yulara city. There is not much to do in this city. At least I met all of the 887 people that live there. I chose staying in Yulara instead of going back to Alice Springs to avoid the 6 hours travel by car. Putting a cherry on top of my trip was visiting the Field of Light. This art installation looks like the Keukenhof gardens but instead of tulips they have frosted-glass spheres bloom with a led light inside. This creates an unbelievable combination of lights and stars. The Field of Lights will close on 31/March/2017. You don’t want miss that.


I have been again to take some pictures of Sunset of Opera House and Harbor Bridge. This is a really nice place to see the sunset. The Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is a really good spot to Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

I can’t say the sunset or sunrise they created my passion for photography. But they have a lot of influence in this sentiment. Take pictures in this two moments shows much more about myself. I like have a some plans, and it is necessary to be in spot a little early.

For definition the sunset take only two minutes. This is a little short time. Of course I took pictures for much more long time. But it isn’t a eternity time. I consider it a short period of time and the changes came really fast. Needs a quick reaction to, and I’m a person with quick reaction.

To end these thoughts, the sunset or sunrise aren’t never equal. The color, the cloud, everything to compose this pictures will never be back again. I like this variation as well.
When I moved to Sydney I haven’t idea about this so beautiful spot to take pictures of Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. I believe I will never get tired to take pictures of this monuments.

Sun Gallery